About Us

Emily Gianquinto & Julie Beman

What does it mean to live in Hartford? What does it feel like? Does it say something about a person?

Does a city have a personality? If so, who creates it? Its residents? Its government? The media?

Julie Beman founded Live in Hartford in June of 2008 as a response to the vitriolic comments about Hartford and its residents found in the Hartford Courant. Every day one can learn that Hartford residents should be “lock(ed)…in a cage like other animals” or that the city should be paved over or plowed into the Connecticut River. Residents should be “shipped back home” because they’re “thugs” or “welfare mamas.”

Racism thrives in the Courant‘s forums, as does hatred, fear, and ignorance.

Live in Hartford strives to provide an antidote to hatred, fear, and ignorance. It’s a digital space where readers can interact and share their stories and experiences. It’s frequently a place where we invite our readers to meet each other in terrestrial space and to develop relationships so that we can work together to support, promote, and heal our beloved city.

We’re not Pollyannas, but we’re not “woe is me” either. We love living in Hartford, but that love is tempered by the reality that it can be a discouraging place to live. We try to be honest about that.

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