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The Hartford Democratic Town Committee “Convention”: A Hot Mess

Because I have a twisted idea of what constitutes fun, I left work early on Thursday to attend the Hartford Democratic Town Committee’s nominating convention. That’s the chaotic process by which the supposed leaders of the local Democrats pick their … Continue reading

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Why the iQuilt is less than thrilling

I’m a little late to the great iQuilt plan debate. I didn’t attend the workshops that some of my fellow Hartford bloggers did. I didn’t read in detail a lot of the initial proposals by the iQuilt group. Frankly, from what I … Continue reading

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Hartford Mayoral Candidates Forum: A Whole Lot of Meh

Earlier this evening, I attended what I believe was the first forum/debate between the people who would like to be our new mayor. I expected it to be like most of the debates I’ve attended in the past few years … Continue reading

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Adventures in Voting

  I just got back from voting at my local polling place, Kennelly School. It’s just a few blocks from my house. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a political nerd. I’m such a political nerd that in … Continue reading

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The Perez conviction and anticipated resignation

“Ladies and gentleman, the loser in this case is the city of Hartford.”   – Prosecutor Michael Gailor during closing arguments in the corruption trial of Mayor Eddie Perez (as reported by the Courant) Truer words may never have been … Continue reading

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You call this leadership? (Or: Caution! EmGee Rant Ahead)

I’ve been working crazy hours the past two weeks. Crazy as in at the office until midnight or home at 9pm and working again from home at 9:30pm. Big firm-wide deadline, so I’m not alone. And better than the alternative.Anyway, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Hartford Taxes by Mat Jasinski

We know the budget hearing is tonight (6pm, Bulkeley HS auditorium), but why not start the conversation online? This is a post by guest blogger Mat Jasinski, Hartford resident, attorney and (in his words) “one of the city’s few – but … Continue reading

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EmGee and Eddie

As some of you may have read last week from various sources, the City Council considered the mayor’s nominations and made their own nominations for the newly created Freedom of Information Advisory Board at its Monday meeting. As seems to be … Continue reading

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In Which Your Intrepid Bloggers Go Slightly Insane

Julie sent me an email this morning with a link to a posting on the Courant’s Cityline blog (which is a great new source of all-Hartford all-the-time tidbits of news, go check it out). The headline: ”Council to Mull Law School … Continue reading

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The REAL Parking Authority

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Jim Kopencey, the Executive Director of the Hartford Parking Authority. In part: I just learned of and read your communication with and our response.  Our response was weak and we should have done … Continue reading

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